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Veterans Fuel Transport

We are driven by the timeless American values of honor, service, and excellence. These values are embedded in the DNA of our company and inspire the way we operate. We treat our drivers like family — offering a personal, streamlined hiring process, an unmatched commitment to safety, and industry-leading driver benefits.

Safety Excellence

At Veterans Fuel Transport, we take safety seriously. We provide our drivers with brand-new day cab tractors that undergo rigorous safety inspections. Our routes require no extended stay to ensure our drivers have an excellent work-life balance. We incentivize drivers to develop superior driving habits and safe travel practices with quarterly safety bonuses. Safety is paramount at Veterans Fuel Transport, and we honor our drivers and customers by developing reliable operations.

Industry-Leading Benefits

Veterans Fuel Transport understands that drivers are the lifeblood of any fuel transportation company. We offer industry-leading benefits to attract and retain drivers who are the best of the best. With cutting-edge technology and equipment to help our drivers perform their duties, competitive salaried compensation, unbeatable medical benefits, and much more, excellence is our standard at Veterans Fuel Transport. Learn more about our industry-leading benefits below.

Become an Essential Part of the Fleet That Keeps America Running.

At Veterans Fuel Transport, you can reach your potential in a fulfilling fuel transportation career as an essential member of the fleet that keeps America running. To begin your career with us, you only need to take the first step. Apply today and take your fuel transportation career to the next level.

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