5 Truck Driving Tips Before You Hit the Road

Man performing a pre-trip inspection on fuel truck

Outside of routine inspections, there are other factors to consider when thinking about the rest of your day. Whether you’re a veteran truck driver or a rookie in the trucking business, these tips can make your upcoming venture hassle-free. Read on to learn 5 truck driving tips from Veterans Fuel Transport that will ease your travel.  

1. Inspect Your Truck

Starting your trip with a safety inspection of your vehicle is always in your best interest. This will help to make sure everything is in working order and all safety regulations are met. It’s also a good idea to inspect your vehicle at the end of each day to make sure there weren’t any unexpected damages.

2. Get Enough Rest

Resting during your breaks, and allowing for enough sleep at night is beneficial to your safety. Driving tired is dangerous to not only you, but to other travelers. At the end of each shift, make sure to allow enough relaxation time to prepare for the next day on the road.

3. Check Blind Spots

Blind spots on large trucks can be a problem, especially to new truck drivers. Check and adjust your mirrors before heading out on the road every time. Also, be hesitant when changing lanes as there may be a car in your blind spot unknowingly.

4. Avoid Traffic

Lanes on the road can seem a lot narrower when driving a trunk compared to a car. When traffic is bad, let alone a stand-still, it becomes dangerous to maneuver quickly. Planning your breaks around times during the day such as 8 AM and 5 PM can make your drive a lot less stressful.

5. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead and mapping out your drive for the day will ease the stress of an unknown drive. Frequently check updates on road conditions during your stops to avoid things like accidents or heavy construction. Understanding the trip before you fire up your engine is the best way to follow through with a safe drive.

Safety Excellence at Veterans Fuel Transport

At Veterans Fuel Transport, safety is a top priority. We want to ensure the safety of our drivers to get from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. One thing that is special about our company is our incentive programs to promote safe and cautious driving. Visit our website today to learn more about what our company can offer you, as well as our mission to serve. Veterans Fuel Transport wants to hear from you, so call us at (904) 616-8995 or email joey@vetsfuel.com with any questions!

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