5 Ways to Pass the Time on the Road

Motion blurred fuel truck driving on open road

Crossing paths with boredom on the open road is inevitable. Being able to pass the time during the drive is important, but you also need to stay focused. Many truck drivers will say the time on the road is the easy part, but once the shift is over, the boredom sneaks up. So, what can you do in your down time? Today, Veterans Fuel Transport talks about ways to pass the time on the road and once you park it for the night.

Listen to Something

On the drive, an easy and hands-free way to pass the time is listening to something such as music, podcasts, audiobooks, radio talk shows, and more. This helps to have something think about or sing along with without being distracting. There are even trucking podcasts made specifically for your time on the road!


When you are stopped, one great way to get your blood flowing is exercise. You can plan out your stops to find places to rest that have either trails or more space to get a quick jog or other exercise in. Portable exercises are also an option! Something small such as free weights or a yoga mat can also be a great change of pace from driving.

Tour at Your Stops

Truck drivers and other transportation workers have a great opportunity to tour across America. Rather than just seeing highway all day, plan out your stops around local tourism or entertainment you enjoy. Something as simple as a flea market will help give you a well-deserved break.


Make sure you are getting enough sleep! This not only is a great way to pass time once your work day is done, but getting enough sleep is important for your safety. Make sure you set aside enough time to get the appropriate amount of rest each night.

Talk to Other Truck Drivers

Stopping at local truck driver hotspots can be one of the best parts about the job. Often drivers will share stories they have had on the road or places they have been which makes driving even more enjoyable. Also, being able to relate with someone about life on the road can be a breath of fresh air to any homesick driver.

Learn More About Veterans Fuel Transport Today

If you are looking for a change of pace, Veterans Fuel Transport wants to offer CDL driving positions to you. Even if you aren’t based in Fort Worth, Texas, there are many other locations available. Contact us at (904) 616-8995, or email joey@vetsfuel.com for more information on how you can start your road trip with Veterans Fuel Transport today.

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