Common Truck Driving Questions and Answers

Back half of fuel truck at a gas station

From the outside, being a truck driver can seem as simple as driving long hours. However, many people have questions about trucking and how to get into this niche career path. These questions can be helpful if you are considering obtaining your CDL or looking for a way to travel the open road. In today’s blog, Veterans Fuel Transport answers some common questions about being a professional truck driver.

What Are the Requirements to Get Into This Industry?

There are a few requirements you will need in order to become a professional truck driver. Before you start driving, you need to meet some CDL Federal Requirements, such as:

  1. Obtain a CDL
  2. Must be 21 years of age
  3. Clean driving record
  4. Meet medical qualifications to ensure safe driving
  5. Other varying company qualifications

These are the stepping stones into the trucking profession. Make sure to talk to a potential employer to see what qualifications they require for a more streamlined process.

How Are Most Truck Drivers Paid?

Most truck drivers are paid by the mile. At the end of the week, the mileage should be between 2,000 and 3,000 miles. However, depending on the company, there can be incentives or raises following milestones such as every 120,000 driven or consistent safe driving habits.

How Long Do You Spend Driving on a Typical Day?

Typically, truck drivers will work between 8-11 hours a day. These guidelines are set by the Department of Transportation. Since this is not an average 9 to 5 job, there will be slightly different rules. The 11-hour and 14-hour rule state that after you work for either length of time, you are required to take a 10 hour off-duty or sleeper break. One major rule is you are not allowed to work over 70 hours within an 8-day cycle.

What Is the Best Thing About Being a Truck Driver?

There are many reasons to become a truck driver. With job security, competitive wages, growth potential, veterans benefits through Veterans Fuel Transport, and much more, it is a great business to get into. However, many drivers will say the best thing is being able to travel. This profession brings on new cities and experiences that are rare in other careers.

More Questions? Contact Veterans Fuel Transport for Answers!

Veterans Fuel Transport wants to answer any questions you might have about our field. We hold very true to our values of honor, service, and excellence while offering exceptional pay and benefits to our drivers. Veterans Fuel Transport is a veteran-run company that prides itself in working with incredible military men and women. Take a look at our website to learn more about our story, values, and benefits, and contact us today for more answers to your questions.

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