How Are Fuel Transportation Jobs Different from Goods Transport?

Fuel tanker on the road

Drivers at Veterans Fuel Transport must be prepared and trained in the handling of hazardous materials. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration under the Department of Transportation regulates the transportation of hazardous materials, including fuel. Fuel transportation companies and their drivers are required to follow specific regulations. Read below to find out exactly what is required to transport fuel in the US.

Registration & Permits

Companies that transport hazardous materials, including fuel, are required to register annually with the Department of Transportation. Drivers must get a Hazardous Materials Safety Permit before each trip if they are transporting fuel. Employees who handle and transport fuel must undergo hazardous material training.

Hazmat training consists of general awareness training, security awareness, and hazmat training specific to their job functions. Employees are also required to refresh their hazmat training occasionally depending on the state in which you work.

Communication Requirements

Fuel transportation drivers are required to follow certain communication compliance requirements when driving. For instance, drivers must have proper labels on the containers and their truck. In some cases, shipping papers are required to transport hazardous material, and these papers must accompany the shipment throughout transportation.

So How Does Fuel Transportation Differ from Standard Freight?

Driving for a fuel transportation company requires a certain mindset. You must be dedicated to safety and thorough vigilance. One of the traits that successful drivers with Veterans Fuel Transport exhibit is the ability to remain aware of their vehicle and any signs of malfunction. Complete vigilance can be difficult to maintain while on the highway, but it is extremely important. One of the reasons that Military Veterans succeed in fuel transportation jobs is their ability to remain alert for long periods of monotony.

Are You Right for Veterans Fuel Transport?

If you have a minimum of one-year of CDL driving with fuel and pump experience and you are interested in joining a family that is dedicated to its drivers, consider Veterans Fuel Transport. We are always interested in adding talented drivers to our ranks. Call our team today at 904-616-8995 or email to learn more.

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