Veterans Fuel Transport Company Values

At Veterans Fuel Transport, we take our company values seriously. We believe these values are crucial to the success of our business. They are the foundation from which we have developed our culture. Learn about the values of our company below, and how they impact the way we do business.


Honor is crucial to the relationships we develop. We honor our customers for their business and trust in us by providing superior service in all aspects of our work. We honor our drivers by ensuring they can perform at the best of their abilities with the newest trucks and technology. We ensure our employees have a healthy work-life balance with a great working environment and no extended-stay driving. Honor drives our interpersonal interactions and influences all of our decisions.


Like the incredible servicemen and women who dedicate themselves to our country, an attitude of service and duty are crucial to our success. We are passionate about the service we provide to our customers and to our country. We truly believe we serve the country through fuel transportation.


Excellence is what we strive for everyday. The way we perform our jobs and the teamwork that enables our success is dependent on a common shared goal of reaching excellence. For Veterans Fuel Transport, performing at less than 100% is failure. Excellence inspires us to achieve and surpass the goals we set. As long as we continue to strive for excellence in everything we do, success is guaranteed.

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