Our story

What does it mean to be part of the Veterans Fuel Transport family? To understand why we are so passionate about our values and how they impact our team, it is crucial to understand our company’s beginning. Veterans Fuel Transport was co-founded and is led by a disabled Marine Corps Veteran. By starting a fuel transportation company, he wanted to combine his experience and passion for petroleum carrier transportation with the values he developed while serving our country.

How Military Values Impact Veterans Fuel Transport

Our values are not buzzwords. They are not suggestions. They are the daily principles by which we operate. We take honor seriously. We honor our customers by consistently exceeding their expectations. We honor our employees by ensuring they have the opportunity to excel in their career with an excellent working environment and healthy work-lifestyle balance.

We have built service into the very foundation of our company. Like the military values of service to our country, we are passionate about the service we give our customers. Service means providing a 100% customer satisfaction. It means meeting commitments and delivering results, every time.

Like the United States military, we strive for excellence every day in every facet of our business. At Veterans Fuel Transport, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and exceptionalism.

veteran drivers

Veterans Fuel Transport is especially dedicated to giving US military veterans an opportunity to build a career in fuel transportation. We believe that our company is the perfect place for ex-Military members to thrive for a number of reasons. First, veterans are familiar with following an organization’s standard operating procedures and protocol. Veterans have been thoroughly trained in time management, work ethic, attention to detail, and teamwork. Many veterans have extensive experience with high-pressure situations and stress management. Lastly, veterans have a sense of discipline and commitment second to none. While Veterans Fuel Transport does not exclusively hire US military veterans, anyone willing to fully dedicate themselves to success could be a great fit on our team.

We honor drivers as we honor our customers. We believe the way in which we relate to our drivers sets our company apart. If a driver is a veteran, we honor their service to our country. If you are interested in learning more about what it means to join the Veterans Fuel Transport team, check out the link below for more details.

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