US Military Veterans and Veterans Fuel Transport

Veterans Fuel Transport prides ourselves on our US military veteran hiring policy. While we don’t exclusively employ veterans as truck drivers, we do give veterans an opportunity as we feel their values will closely align with ours. Ideals like honor, service, and a commitment to excellence are innate in the servicemen and women of our country, and they have valuable traits in our industry.

Veteran-Run Business

Our company was co-founded and is led by a disabled Marine veteran who merged the values he developed in the US Marine Corps with his passion and experience for petroleum carrier transportation to create Veterans Fuel Transport.

Why Veterans
Fit Our Culture

Veterans who are willing and able to commit to our standards make great candidates for drivers at our company. They have been thoroughly trained in time management, work ethic, teamwork, and attention to detail. Many veterans have experience thriving in high-pressure situations. Veterans also display discipline and leadership skills that are second to none. The benefits of hiring the servicemen and women who have served our country are extensive, and they are often excellent fits within our company’s culture.

Dedication to Excellence

Veterans Fuel Transport provide superior customer service, unbeatable efficiency, and an ability to exceed our customers’ expectations. We believe the underlying reason for our success rests with our dedication to operational excellence. US military veterans are uniquely equipped to constantly strive for excellence, and thus make up the backbone of our company. If you believe you have what it takes to thrive at a company that values your ability to consistently reach for excellence, contact Joey today at (904) 616-8995, or click the ‘Join Us’ link below.

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