Why Veterans Fuel Transport is Dedicated to Hiring Veterans

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At Veterans Fuel Transport, we believe that US military veterans are the perfect fit for our company. We named our company Veterans Fuel Transport in part because three of our co-founders are veterans. However, we also pride ourselves on our veteran hiring policy. Read on to learn why veterans flourish at our company.

Our Values Closely Align

One of the most important reasons that veterans thrive as drivers for Veterans Fuel Transport is how closely our values align with those of the US military. Ideals like honor, service, and a commitment to excellence are the basis of military service, and VFT based our company on those same values.

Honor is crucial in the relationships we develop both with our drivers and our customers. We perform to the best of our ability in order to honor the commitments we make. We want our drivers to be able to perform at the best of their ability, so we honor them with cutting-edge equipment to help them thrive in their positions.

We are in the service industry. We see our routes as our duty, and the commitment to service is how we have found success. We also believe that fuel transportation is an integral part of life in the United States. Fuel enables our country to function on a day-to-day basis. We are serving our country by ensuring they get their fuel every day.

We also strive for excellence every day. Without the commitment to excellence we aim for, we wouldn’t be able to perform our jobs as successfully as we have. Veterans are familiar with the concept of determination and preservation in order to guarantee excellence.

These Values Create a Particular Culture

For some, these ideals are too difficult to strive for. We understand that these are difficult ideals and aren’t right for everyone. However, this culture we have created enables those with the right mindset to truly thrive. US military veterans are comfortable performing to the expectations this culture creates. Our dedication to industry-leading service and performance is one that veterans are uniquely equipped to match.

Contact Veterans Fuel Transport Today

While we encourage veterans to apply, we do not exclusively hire veterans. If the above values and culture are ideals you believe you can excel in, and you have one year of CDL driving with fuel and pump experience — we hope you will consider Veterans Fuel Transport. To learn more about our company, contact Joey today at (904)616-8995 or click here to get in touch via email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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